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    If you had to summarize what the Bible teaches and put it on a single sheet of paper (or two), what would it say? Without using teeny-tiny print, here is my attempt. Page one summarizes what I believe to be true and saving faith. Page two summarizes what I believe in areas where capable students of the Bible disagree.

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Almost 40 years in ministry and more excited about Jesus and biblical truth than ever!


I graduated from Biola University in 1976 and Talbot Seminary in 1978 (M.Div.) and 1981 (Th.M.). I have served as an Associate Pastor at a church in LA (5 years) and one in Memphis (8 years) before embarking on a church planting endeavor. I served as the founding pastor of Collierville Bible Church in West Tennessee from 1989 - 2013. I currently serve with Interim Pastor Ministries (IPM). My one true love is Rochelle to whom I have been married for 40+ years. We have three grown children who share our excitement for biblical truth and a desire to live for Jesus' pleasure.


There are four profound changes that occur when someone embraces Jesus as his Savior. They receive the ability to hear what God says, the wisdom to prefer God's way of doing things, the power to change, and the capacity to serve others without regard for self. There is nothing more exciting to me than encouraging and celebrating this transformation in others.