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October 26, 2007



Bah! The dreaded tease....


Thanks for the long answer, even though it's coming in installments. I like having the tools, and the background that lays the foundation for answers. This chart is so clear and helpful; wouldn't it be great if hermeneutics was a part of the normal Christian's frame of reference? What's so great about the chart is that it shows the goal--transformation! Thanks!

Alex Marshall

Hermeneutics! Most excellent, this is easily my favorite class!!

Just in passing to CF, one of the things to keep in mind is that most of the Bible is written to be read in the same way we would read any other writing of the same genre (narrative or a letter, etc), with the possible exception of apocalyptic prophecies (though there are some examples of those in other literatures). Yes, the Bible is divine, which has definite implications for its content and application. But as far as its meaning, its very literary and we should read it like we would read anything else. So in a way, hermeneutics should be a part of our natural frame of reference.


I'm with you on that. I've taken hermeneutics in Bible college as well. I understand all about genres, and literary devices, etc. My point was, however, that having an appreciation for bibilical hermeneutics and a grammatical, historical, literal frame of reference for interpretation doesn't seem to be the norm. I'm glad for you that it represents your norm. Truth has fallen on hard times. Once you get out of the Bible college milieu, most folks, even most Christians will say Herman who?

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