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October 30, 2007


Alex Marshall

I'm definitely interested to hear your thoughts. Haven't read these yet, but have heard of them in a way that resembles the "over-reaction" that has been seen to a number of fictional books of late. Nevertheless, there have been some things said that make me very concerned.


I read the first two books of the trilogy and stopped. The first book is beguiling, and because of its mystery and ambiguity perhaps even intriguing. But certain views, terms, and biases began to surface that prompted a furrowed brow and many questions (i.e., "daemon") (also, the word "aletheiometer" was paradoxical in that the word "aletheia" in Greek means "truth"). I'll stop there and wait to hear responses from others....

Tundra Mama

I agree with Rocky. I read the first book and stopped about a third of the way into the second.
The way the Church was represented was disturbing,
although at the time I read the first book, I thought maybe the author was referring to a type of state or government sanctioned church. I stopped reading in the second book when it became clear that the battle actually was against the God of the universe.
Thanks for bringing the truth to light.I'm very interested in your insights.


Heck, I found a profound spiritual statement in Brokeback Mountain. I can't imagine it'd be hard to find it here.

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