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October 17, 2007



So - did you get angry when your opinion was dismissed?

Jim Fleming

I think the previous post, "The Power of Being a Nobody," captures what I was feeling which was much more about hurt/pain than anger. Maybe this was an 80/20 blend.


Thanks for the clarification. I see a correlation with pain and anger. Anger is a natural response to being hurt. I don't see anything wrong with being angry in a case like this. It is simply an emotion that alerts me to the fact that I have been hurt. It is what I do with it - how I respond (in thought or deed) - that is critical. I struggle most with anger when I am hurt by the actions of someone else. I just thought that the juxtaposition of the topics was interesting - the "egg on my face" story and the anger discussion - so I couldn't resist asking the question :)

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