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October 23, 2007



Whew...easier said than done. Even with patience and graciousness, it's all too easy to get mad and lash out.


This is great practical counsel. Are you going to address righteous anger? I'm not sure we know what to do with that either. We tend to think that Christians are to be "nice." Somehow it's hard to imagine Jesus as "nice." Also, what about the positive aspects of the emotion of anger? Anger can be a great motivator when handled properly.

Jim Fleming

Great comment, CF! Yes, we'll try to cover all the bases with "Ace" over the coming year.


When raising children in their younger years, it is vital for us to remember that anger produces visible results, but not heart results. Anger, defeats the entire process of "removing foolishness in our children and building in wisdom." A person of wisdom would not resort to being Satan's accomplice! AND, what a disservice to our children if we do resort to the way of the enemy. If we desire our children to grow in a way that they are able to respond to any situation with grace, humility and calmness, we MUST be demonstrating that in the most "anger-raising" times in parenting. How? ONLY by consistent surrender of ourselves and reliance on God's sustaining power within us! Praise God that He is Able!

PS-I like the new look at light-work!


After an outburst of anger, I reflect on my actions and language and can only realize that I did not yield to God's wisdom and therefore Light did not shine. I created a shadow. I stood between Light and the recipient and I became faceless.

Every day I see my relationship with the Lord through my relationship with my children. God loves me no matter what and wants the best for me. My foolishness cannot possibly please God. Yet he still loves me. When my children repeat the same foolish choices, yet have demonstrated the ability to make a happy choice in the exact same situation, can cause frustration. When I experience frustration I must recognize that frustration is a springboard to outbursts of anger. Frustration is simply something not going my way or the way I planed. Is God using frustration to tell me that my mindset or focus is not lined up with Him? If I am preoccupied with something of urgency, is God using frustration to tell me that what occupies me is not important? Upon recognition of frustration, I must stop, drop, and yield to God in order to prevent becoming a shadow. Likewise, I desire my children to recognize the foolish choice they are about to make and instaed yield to the happy choice.


I really appreciate this commentary on anger. I am having a real struggle with anger and unfortunately it is often directed at my husband or children. What you were saying about why we get angry and what the results are makes a lot of sense and is very helpful. I am so "I" focused in my anger wanting the response I want when I want it and how I want it. It's pretty selfish. Thank you for the idea of using the card. I desire to handle my anger in a righteous way.

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