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October 06, 2007



Even in the Old Testament, God was adamant and precise regarding man's approach to Him. A study of the Tabernacle reveals a list of particulars, such as an eastern entrance, a shedding of blood, and a purifying ritual, that, while not particularly difficult to follow, were mandatory. Deviation resulted in death.

God desires to love, commune with, and enjoy the people He creates; therefore He clearly informs us of the path to take to Him. Only an aloof and unconcerned god would withhold such crucial information and leave us to figure it out for ourselves.

Alex Marshall

Expanding on the previous comment (mainly just thinking out loud here):

If, as you said, "only an aloof and unconcerned god would withhold such crucial information and leave us to figure it out for ourselves" can we say that, at least to an extent, that information is available to all people? For instance, while Israel was the only people who specifically received the legal instructions for approaching God in the tabernacle (or for making the tabernacle, for that matter), knowledge to some extent of a sacrificial method seemed assumed in earlier human history (for instance, Cain and Abel's sacrifice- there is no written record of God explaining sacrifice before that, it seems almost assumed). So could we say that some knowledge of redemption is inherent in the world today? Or has God chosen to only reveal this in a specific way to specific people who may then pass that knowledge along?

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