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October 10, 2007


Bubba Matthews

YES! YES! YES! Jim, it is my opinion that you've hit the nail here. As I talk to people here, there and yonder one of the things I'm consistently struck by is that people desire to see others demonstrate in their lives JOY in a vibrant relationship with God. Many churches and people in America speak truth but the flame of passion found in the person is either missing or flickering becuase of the burden to "get it exactly right". I love reading the Psalms not because David got it exactly right, in fact he really messes up at times, but he is so honest and forthright about his path with God that his love for God, and God's love for him, just seeps from his pores. David dances and sings and fights and weeps and proclaims truth about God throughout his life. He repents and blesses others and praises God while correctly handling the truth.
I think people walk into churches in America and don't want to meet people that have it exactly right. they want to meet people that are growing in their Christian walk and are upfront and honest about how God is changing them. People don't want to meet "perfect" people, they want to meet people that give the hope that yes, the race is in fact worth running. the emergent movement not only highlights the fact that the race is worth running but also that it is the most exciting race one can even think of running.

Alex Marshall

Very well said!

I know from my observation that among youth today what you've said is very, very true. I cannot tell you how many times I've heard people say they don't want to be a Christian because "the Christians I know are the worst people I've ever met, and they're arrogant on top of that!" What a sad testimony about us! So living what we say we believe is very important if we are to maintain a credible witness. To live it we have to understand it as well.

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