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October 05, 2007


Bubba Matthews

Jim: That was a pretty thoughtful analysis of this issue. I look forward to seeing what else you say on the topic. One issue you address that I like alot is how you acknowledge there is interesting thoughtful things that come from many different perspectives. The emergent church is a strong movement amount younger generations for a variety of reasons one of which is I think it is willing to grapple with the difficult questions and young people like asking is the dogma really true. They might actually believe the statements of the "established" church but they like asking that tough question and knowing why someone believes what they say. In that regard I think the emergent movement is right on. I think the emergent movement gets off base when they get stuck in using relativism language then the notion of absolute truth and our ability to discern it is on a slippery slope. I suspect you might have a thought or two about that coming up in the future.

Alex Marshall

I agree with Doug's comment. I know for myself (as a young person) I do want to know why it is I accept something as true, and I want these to be good, solid arguments/reasons as well. I think a number of others in my generation are the same way.

An issue that you kinda touched on that I have wrestled with for a while is often termed the "isolated native" question. I can agree that Christianity makes some very exclusive claims. I can also agree that God is just to judge individuals based on what they know through general revelation (ie. that there is a God). Where I struggle is with the idea that required in this is a gospel proclamation. Not to say we should not evangelize. However, if someone has never heard the gospel because "we" haven't told them, is it just for them to be punished for our failure (since telling them is kinda our job...)? And does that make salvation dependent, in some way, on something man does (namely, proclaiming the gospel)?

I have already written a good bit on this at my own blog, if you want more expansion of what I'm trying to sort out. Its at http://alexmarshall.blogspot.com (Look specifically at the post "Is General Revelation Enough?" which should be listed on the archive)


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