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November 15, 2007



THAT'S where I was getting stuck. I was taking it to mean that it IS the method of interpretation, not pointing to the method. In my ignorance, I was thinking it was one thing, not an umbrella statement. Thanks for the help, Alex and Jim!


I can recommend How to Read the Bible for All Its Worth by Gordon D. Fee and Douglas Stuart. They do a good job of taking a complicated problem and making it easy(er) to understand (after all the Bible was written for knuckleheads like me). Fee & Stuart discuss the different literary genres found in the Bible and a hermenuetic for each. I found it very helpful...

Alex Marshall

Another great book that will get you started on hermeneutics is Living By the Book by Howard Hendricks. He outlines inductive Bible study in pretty good detail and very clear terms. Doesn't get as much into the specifics of the different genres, but it will get you a good ground-work.

If you want something more advanced that really focuses on the genres of scripture, I would recommend checking out Leland Ryken. His hermeneutic strategy focuses on examining the literary techniques employed by the Biblical writers and how that brings out their intended meanings. Very good stuff, in my opinion.

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