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November 16, 2007



Thanks so much; this is a big help to me. I can't wait to read parts 2 & 3. You might be planning to answer this question I have later on, and if so, just tell me to wait. :)

Your examples seem to all deal with people who leaned toward self in their attempt to discern what God was saying to them. Can the Holy Spirit convict us of righteousness (maybe like Job?) and help us determine if our heart is right with God, and therefore, if we are truly putting His voice before our own? Please don't misunderstand me here--I in no way claim to have my heart in the right place before God all the time, and probably not even most of the time. But I just wonder if you can be sure that you are in the right place and are therefore able to be sure of God's voice.
This might be easier to discuss in light of a case where what you believe you are hearing from God is something you don't want to do, or something that is in some way negative about your future. In a case like this, is it also possible to be deluded? I read somewhere a long time ago (it might have been Elisabeth Elliot) that if you feel God is telling you to do something and it's something you really don't want to do, but you're not sure if it's His voice or your own, you probably need to do it. I think her reasoning was that it's unlikely that a person will be harder on himself than God is on us, if that makes sense. A situation like that reminds me of Abraham's sacrificing Isaac. If God isn't really calling you to do it, He can redirect you, but it's better to err on the side of obedience to what you think He's calling you to do than possible disobedience.
What do you think, and thanks for putting up with my scrambled thoughts?!


After I read my last post, I thought I had better clarify the last part. It's not that Abraham made a mistake in believing he was supposed to sacrifice Isaac; God really was calling Him to do it. I just mention him because his situation is a perfect example of what I was talking about: God asking you to do something you really don't want to do.

Jim Fleming

Great comments! I would like to finish the next two installments (Monday and Tuesday) and see if they don't address your questions. If not, then we'll go from there.

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