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November 04, 2007



I think I would fall into the category of Disciple. Becoming a Disciple-Maker is something I would like to do but I just feel so inadequate, that God needs to rewire so much...but even there, I'm looking at it from a "trying to measure up" perspective. I've GOT to realize that I can't...
The one thing that you've been saying lately is that we have a reasonable faith. The people who I talk to most who have not accepted Christ yet do not know that it is a reasonable faith. What would help me is to be able to build a case that shows an outsider looking in that it is, in fact, reasonable. Truth is, I know my faith but I don't explain it well to others. I could use help with that. Does that make sense?


After more thought and reflection on last Sunday's message, I realized I am more of a Disciple-Maker than I first thought. I realized that through time spent one-on-one with someone whose life is producing the kind of fruit I desire, they actively showed me how to come alongside others. I began discipling others when I was in college and it is a life-long journey of learning. In-depth study of the Word also prepares me to encourage and disciple based on Truth. I have to nurture my relationship with God, growing in my love for Him, so I can show others how to love God. Being taught how to accurately study the Word gave me more confidence to show others the path of life and truth.


I was talking with my 16 yr old son yesterday and we had a discussion about Mark Cahill's book "One Thing You Can't Do In Heaven" which shares how he has truth conversations with people. Both of us have been challenged and practicing some of his ideas. This lead to my son stating that he would like to know how to talk to people who have different beliefs. What questions do I ask? He said he would love to walk and listen to Mark as he talks to others. I have one of Mark's DVD's which I would rate as PG-13 because of the conversations. This DVD has been very enlightening of the way other people think and the questions that arise. All this to say - both of us would like to have teaching/discussions regarding other faiths. I have been thinking about a study with Mark's book (he also has a study guide) because it is so challenging, encouraging, simple and the teens get it. What about a class with parents and teens? Would be interested to know if anyone else has read the book and their thoughts.

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