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November 29, 2007



What wonderful uncomplicated insight!


Your message lives. My grandchildren, ages 13, 11 and 6 have asked their parents to give them one gift of the parents choice this year and whatever else they were going to spend on them for Christmas combined with money saved by the children be used to gift a needy family in their community for Christmas. Their reason for asking this is "they believed this is what Jesus would do and we are celebraing His birthday." They did this last year,also. The love and joy they put into purchasing, wrapping and delivering these gifts is a living example of Jesus love.

Jim Fleming

How cool is that!


What a precious look at what really matters this time of year. An amazing Savior who gave all He had to save us.

The timing of this post was perfect, as I was just praying about what to buy for family members who do not know the Lord. I was encouraged and inspired to do something different, even if it is not what the expectation might be! Thank you for your wonderful words, that caused me to stop and really consider what Jesus would want for Christmas, as well as what He wants us to give to others.

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