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December 05, 2007



Acorns are comfortable attached to the oak tree.

We Americans live such a comfortable faith. It is no wonder abortion; the recent hate crimes bill and the like are even an issue. Christians are so comfortable with the way we live in the world that not fighting for something detrimental to God’s name, glory, honor and our faith is just okay as long as we stay comfortable. In other words, we are slowly (although today it seems ever present) becoming slaves to the world’s values. The tribe of Issachar could be comparable to our present situation.

In exhortation to his son, Jacob foretells Issachar his progeny will be so comfortable with the day of their present age that they will surrender their liberty in order to keep their comfort (Gen.49:14-15).

We American Christians are so comfortable with our routine (key word) faith that we don’t do much to further the kingdom of God. We are so comfortable with our everyday surroundings and contacts that we don’t slow (key word) down enough to recognize what we’re actually doing with every second of our breath. I am guilty of this. The early church proved the more comfortable we become in this world, the harder it is to persevere as a disciple.

Temporary missionaries (mission trips) identify with the previous paragraph very well. Just ask one that has done more than one trip. TM’s have a difficult time adjusting to America upon their return. Why? They took themselves out of their comfort sector and placed themselves in God’s hands. In a foreign land that does not know them nor like them (Americans) and can not communicate with, due to language barriers, you cannot do anything but ask God for _______________. Total and utter dependence upon Him is what gets them through, along with the rewarding fruit, whatever that may have uniquely been. Believe it or not, it is tough to adjust to the old comfort sector (routine faith).

Jesus said, “Come, follow me” and fisherman followed. They obeyed and trusted Him. They could not have become the people they did had they not voluntarily left their comfort sector.

We Christians try to do it all ourselves. Alone! It’s what’s comfortable. It’s what’s displeasing to the Lord.

1. To strengthen; to invigorate; to cheer or enliven.
2. To strengthen the mind when depressed or enfeebled; to console; to give new vigor to the spirits; to cheer, or relieve from depression, or trouble.
3. In law, to relieve, assist or encourage, as the accessory to a crime after the fact.
1. Relief from pain; ease; rest or moderate pleasure after pain, cold or distress or uneasiness of body. The word signifies properly new strength, or animation; and relief from pain is often the effect of strength. In a popular sense, the word signifies rather negatively the absence of pain and the consequent quiet, than positive animation.
2. Relief from distress of mind; the ease and quiet which is experienced when pain, trouble, agitation or affliction ceases. It implies also some degree of positive animation of the spirits; or some pleasurable sensations derived from hope, and agreeable prospects; consolation.
3. Support; consolation under calamity, distress or danger.
4. That which gives strength or support in distress, difficulty, danger, or infirmity.
5. In law, support; assistance; countenance; encouragement; as, an accessory affords aid or comfort to a felon.
6. That which gives security from want and furnishes moderate enjoyment; as the comforts of life.


I think we’re to doggone busy to be disciple makers. Can I get an Amen! Busyness hinders what is important and yields to what is urgent or at least what we think is urgent.

Ever notice we Americans (with the exception of some) have stopped preparing food from scratch to take to functions, bazaars, and gatherings. “Oh, I’ll just stop by the store on my way there and pick up something to present.” However, this silently communicates we were too busy to prepare something with our heart.

Also, we eat at fast food restaurants while franticly executing our errands. Why do we do this? Why don’t Christians slow down enough to prioritize what is important instead of what is urgent?

If we are not making disciples than we are either too busy or downright slothful!

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