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January 10, 2008



Jesus' words were so uncomplicated and straight forward. We do so much analysis in the church, that sometimes we miss the forest for the trees. Seems to me that we try ever so hard to become a part of pyramid schemes, and in the process we forget that sooner or later someone still has to talk to the "peeps" and sell the product (no disrespect intended at all)! We as Father's children have been given such an amazing inheritance in Jesus. Why in the world is it so hard for church people to joyfully share the most liberating and joyous news available? Thanks for this series. It has been remarkably clear, simple, and inspiring.


This disciple-making is so direct and straightforward. I am amazed that the church (universal) does not seem to have a clue in this matter. Jesus was clearly talking to a group of individuals whom he had spent nearly three years teaching and training. They were his disciples, and clearly he was telling them to go and do likewise. In my mind, the average Christian does not understand this, and believes the responsibility of making-disciples to be the clergy's job.

Thanks for such clear and user-friendly topics. I love Light-Work.

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