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January 09, 2008



I am not the "hothead" in our family, however we as a family, have given our children permission to use a phrase that will let us know if they feel threatened or scared when the "flame" comes on. Since we have not had an outburst (recently) I don't know how well this will work. We have told the children that we want to honor God in all we do! So we will see how our "PRR" card works. (Not that I am looking forward to having one of them use it!)


"Anger (being out-of-control) is ADDICTIVE because we enjoy the feeling of being in control."

Collierville Bible Church has installed a group FOR MEN who struggle with addiction. I’m sure these MEN would accept and love other MEN who also struggle with addiction. These MEN are brutally honest and open and share their feelings and emotions without fear of persecution or condemnation (James 5:16). These MEN are real. Privacy and confidentiality is of high priority. If you are seeking assistance in your journey to recovery, swamped with self-loathing, or just need a place to start, please click on the “E-mail me” link to the right under the orange RSS feed button. This link is a direct e-mail to Jim Fleming and Jim Fleming only! Jim will give you more information.

Collierville Bible Church wants to love people and share the gospel of Jesus Christ who is able to change our direction, sustain our daily living in a manner that is pleasing to Him, and strengthen all areas in our lives if we submit our heart and mind to Him.

In addition to the excerpt above, ADDICTION is a facade to escape and numb the natural feelings we are meant to deal with in order to mature in to MEN God wants them to be. ADDICTION serves the purpose to “DISCONNECT” from real feelings that some MEN do not know how to deal with. There is HOPE! Romans 6:12


It is a grand thing that Collierville Bible Church has a place for men to go for help with addiction. There are so many men out there who are confused about who they are or what they should be (identity). Men are to be righteous leaders who guide their respective entities through the obstacle course our adversary sets for us. I believe the most effective of snares in today’s society for men is pornography-especially internet pornography. Privacy, easy accessibility and instant gratification are a deadly combination. Men who are addicted to internet pornography invest an average of four hours per day engaging filth. Imagine if these men were to devote four hours every day to the study of God’s Word and prayer or perhaps two hours to study and two hours to their family. What a nation! What a planet!

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