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January 08, 2008



I'm going to be on eggshells until tomorrow! Sometimes I think I have a few screws loose, then when I get empowered by lightworks, it makes sense and the screws get tightened. My tank gets fueled and I feel like I can hang on until my Mr. Hothead relizes that God is in control! Thank you for listening to the whispers of God and putting it into perspective for the rest of us to understand.


If we choose to do things our way first, instead of God's way, He will surely allow us to suffer the consequences. It is then up to us to recognize our foolishness and change our sight to the up position. Not to mention the task of correcting the mistake or undoing the mess we have made (if that is possible-not always so with children). For some of us this punishment is enough. For others it is an addiction that needs a heart of reliance upon God to pull them out of the depths.

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