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February 12, 2008



Obviously, I'm more than willing to account for scientific/natural phenomenon through a biblical paradigm--I believe God's word is true, and that, if understood correctly, its text reveals much about man's nature and the natural world.

A persuasive appeal to scripture, however, is not a particularly effective technique for building credibility with someone who has not yet come to trust scripture as I have (i.e. nonbelievers).

It would seem obvious therefore, that genuine scientific discussion can be a handy tool in the winsome witness' testimony-tool-box.

However, I have to admit that I find one thing, common to members of both the "secular" and "not secular" scientific communities, unhelpful: whether from one camp or another, each sides' members seem to let their assumptions guide their analysis and their conclusions.

For example, one scientist might assume that only empirical evidence is scientific, and thus will not acknowledge explanations that might rely on "spiritual" data. His assumption that "God-theories don't equate to science" limits his amenability to all possible explanations for natural phenomenon. This is certainly frustrating.

These types of scientists are not hard to find: Richard Dawkins, and others life him, believe fervently that anyone who does not believe in evolution is, per se, not a scientist. The relationship between his assumptions and his conclusions is not hard to see.

Equally frustrating is the scientist who assumes that a "God-theory" is the valid explanation for natural phenomenon. He has reduced his objectivity just as fatally as his counterpart--closed the door to all possible explanations--and can lay claim to no greater scientific integrity than his "secular" counterpart.

Anyway, I would really like it if some scientists, especially the Christian ones, would allow everything onto the table. If scripture is true (and I firmly believe it is) and science really is an honest pursuit of discovery, then what harm is there in giving a look at evolution, or punctuated equilibrium etc?

Metaphorically speaking, I would really appreciate ANY scientists, of any religious or political stripe, with the courage to conduct their inquiry on a blank blackboard, rather than with a patchwork of politics and posturing already filled in.


I frequently hear Christians posit that all truth is God's truth. Do you agree? How would you respond to that statement in light of the fact that many times what is verifiable scientifically is attributed to God as His? For instance, in the case of the Hittite civilization, many said the Bible was wrong, and then archeologists discovered and verified its existence. We could have believed the Bible in the first place. But what about things that are discovered in science, that the Bible does not specifically address? Are those discoveries God's Truth?


I'm with you completely Austin. If we have the truth (which we do) and if we are not to live in a spirit of fear (which we're not), then let everything out onto the table and let the truth be concluded rather than assumed. Some people's hearts may be hardened even in the face of truth, but that doesn't change what the truth is.

I had an uncomfortable lesson taught to me about this a couple years ago by our esteemed blog host. Someone had asked the question as to what the Bible said about the big bang. And I spoke up right away, said that it couldn't have happened because the implication is that evolution happened, yadda yadda. And Jim, after I talked, said simply, "There is no evidence given in the Bible to deny that the Big Bang happened." Woah!! Yeah...that was a lesson I would've preferred not learning that way, but God always knows what he's doing, even dealing with a narrow-minded jerk like me.

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