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February 14, 2008



Could it be in the biblical account the question of the age gap be something as simple as "God made it that way"? If Adam & Eve were made to be 20 - 30 or however many years old in order to function in the week time period, would not the whole creation have to be subjected to the same princible giving the real appearance of age while in reality new? New mountians, trees, oceans, stars ect.

Jim Fleming

The concept of "apparent age" has merit. Yes, when Adam was only minutes old he gave the appearance of being years old. Everything on earth could have been subject to the same principle. Notice that I said "could have been" not "definitely was." We can speculate, but we will have difficulty proving this. Our speculations are probably made more difficult for the fact that "aging" and "decay" were probably not operative processes until after the entrance of sin. Adam may have not looked any age because the whole aging thing hadn't been "invented" yet.

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