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February 08, 2008



This isn't an indictment on what you said, but the whole coverage:

I'll be so glad once we get past early November so I don't have to hear all this election stuff for a couple years.


What is your opinion on Huckabee's Fair Tax? Isn't that how we operate here in Tennessee and in other states that do not levy income taxes?


Jim, if you would be so kind, could you respond (just briefly) on what areas you wish Ron Paul "got it" a little better? Just give me a couple things to research his stance on if you would. Certain members of my family are very BIG on Ron Paul, and I'd like to be a little more informed as the leader of my clan. From what I do know, I can say that I like him fairly well (more than I can say about Huckabee), but maybe there are some things that I should be more aware of regarding Dr. Paul. I believe he is a bit of an idealogue, but in general, I belive his ideas are worth supporting. But you know how politicians can keep certain negative things hard to find...

Thanks for any time you can hand over!

Jim Fleming

Okay, if you are volunteering to do a little research, tell me about Ron Paul and abortion. This is, to me, the DEFINING ISSUE. Where a candidate stands on this issue matters most. The documents on his site sound encouraging. But I have read (I cannot recall where) statements that reflect his libertarian approach - ie., minimize the scale of government by getting it out of the picture as it relates to right-to-life legislation. Is this true to his views? Happy digging!

Jim Fleming

Maybe I'm just a curmudgeon, but I think the flat tax, fair tax, graduated income tax debate has to be put in perspective. Our modern "income tax" did not come into existence until the passage of the 16th amendment in 1913. So, for over 100 years, our nation didn't need it. Now, we are hopelessly addicted to the thing. Why is this source of revenue now so important? What has changed? It is this underlying issue (or issues) which Huck's "fair tax" must address - I am all for putting the IRS out of business. But Mike H. will need to address what lies beneath the surface to convince me this is a real plan.

Alex Marshall

I'm all for putting the IRS out of business as well, but I do not like the fair tax plan. Essentially its a flat national sales tax. On the surface, that doesn't sound like too bad of an idea. But the issue comes when you do some simple math. Low income individuals who spent most of what they make on goods they need to survive will find this tax taking a much larger percentage of their income. In other words, the tax is regressive- it charges more (as a percentage of income) to the poor than the rich. To me that sounds like a horrible idea on both an economic and moral level.


Alex, a truly "fair" tax would not penalize low-income individuals or families. It is not necessary to tax food, drugs, school supplies and other necessities, as on TN's and GA's tax-free days.


Jim: Wow, I have sooo many questions that I would LOVE to pose to you regarding abortion, as I agree that it is a defining issue, yet a very complex one for me (not if it's right or wrong, but how we should "deal" with it). Dr. Paul is obviously very pro-life in his personal life/ideals. His political position on the issue is to trash Roe v. Wade and leave the decision up to the individual states. Isn't this a step in the right direction? It also seems a little more feasible than hoping to see a right-wing pres in office who's actually gonna truly push to have Roe v. Wade repealed in this day and age... Sometimes I honestly feel like I have no reason NOT to fully support Ron Paul gung-ho, but there's always this little voice in the back of my mind that reigns me in because I'm scared there's something I might be missing (but I guess this would go for any politician to be honest).

Alex & others: I personally think a consumption tax (the Fair Tax Act) would be great - more than great - for many reasons! I would recommend the quintessential "FairTax Book" by radio's Neal Boortz to anyone who hasn't read it yet and who's interested in US economics. It's a pretty easy read and it makes a pretty strong case for the whole idea.

Jim Fleming

What kind of judges would Ron Paul appoint? This is key.


Another blog that I read said something interesting about the appointment of judges to the Supreme Court and Roe v. Wade. Here...let me find it...

...ok, here we go...




I know that supreme court appointments are really the only way a pres would have any kinda control over the issue of abortion in our country, and I honestly believe Ron Paul would appoint very conservative (i.e. pro-life) people if the chance arose. Although he has a (strangely appealing?) Libertarian streak, I have no doubt in Ron Paul being a conservative.

Jeff, I'm glad you posted that link, as that guy pretty much spelled out what I've been thinking for a few years now. Jim how would you respond to that? I suppose a man's stance on abortion is a fairly clear picture of that man's desire for godliness or lack thereof, but as far as what that man says he's gonna do about abortion once he's in office... isn't that all kinda arbitrary and hollow since, in truth, that guy cannot really do anything different than any other pres before him - which is to appoint like-minded judges? Although, I guess this is the best we can hope for when we're casting our ballots... hmmmmm

Jim Fleming

(1) Judicial appointments are profoundly important. But making good appointments is not easy - Souter (called by the press the "stealth justice") comes to mind. The deck is stacked against a "pro-life" position, so let's seize every advantage, including a President who will appoint judges who see that a woman's right to privacy does not include a license to murder.

(2) The pulpit power of the Presidency is no small thing, a power that Kennedy and Reagan mastered and used well. I would love to have a President thunder, not "tear down this wall," but "stop this abomination." I would love to have a President fuel our national aspiration not to just take life to the moon, but to fiercely defend life at its place of origin. True enough, the President doesn't write the laws. But he has great power to galvanize a people, to stir us to defend the sanctity of life. Oh, for a President with enough grit to rebuke a nation that has compromised its most precious of commitments - "We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness."

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