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February 07, 2008



Yes, heaven will be all that much better, perhaps because we will have the memory of the insanity in this present world by which to compare it. It's crazy to think this bill will actually have any significant impact on CO2 emmisions as compared to so many other causes, but this link pretty much sums up the the madness of passing it.


I've been trying to do my part. I'm taking a breath 3% less than I was last year.


Ha..I love it Jeff...your contribution has more merit than the bill.


Not only do all flourescent bulbs contain mercury, they may also cause migraines and skin rashes (see Dr. Rosenfeld in last Sunday's Parade Magazine). I have been able to get the TVA and Better Homes & Gardens Magazines to include instructions for safe (?) disposal of CFL's on their web sites, but most people have no idea of that need.
There is a new 8-watt LED Geo Bulb that can replace a 60-watt incandescent bulb and will last for 12 years. It retails for $100.00. Bring on the Lamb-light!


Waste News is an industry magazine for the certified garbologist. This periodical keeps waste management companies in the know as it pertains to environmental issues ranging from hauling companies to landfills to government legislation and regulation. These two articles may help you in some areas than others as they concern compact florescent light bulbs. The third is just for fun.
· http://www.wastenews.com/arcshow.html?id=07040200102
· http://www.wastenews.com/arcshow.html?id=07040200802
· http://www.wastenews.com/headlines2.html?id=1202400204&allowcomm=true


Thanks for the great message. It was illuminating. I too crave good lighting. Living in Panama with a 12 volt system does that to you!

Alex Marshall

So we have flourescent bulbs in all our dorms here and they definitely don't flicker... or run out (which is nice). Personally, I'm all in favor of more efficient energy use, though granted there are always problems to be worked out. I like the sound of the LED bulbs, that seems promising.

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