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March 25, 2008



It's interesting reading this and being on the other side of this issue. Maybe it's just me, maybe it's the nature of celebrity...whatever modicum of notoriety I have, there's a significant part of me that wishes that I'd never had it. I know that God's got me in the place I am right now for his purpose (part of which I understand) and I'm not questioning where he has me, but I'd like nothing more than to get another job where I'm NOT out in the public eye doing whatever it is I do. Often, I'll be approached with, "I heard you today...you sound great," and I know that person has meant well, but I feel so embarassed because I'm not a big deal.

Not sure if that really related to what you wrote and I didn't mean to vent. Sorry bout that...


Granted, a person finds greater security in God's affirmation than in notoriety, and no one should allow public opinion to detract from the security that their First allegiance assures.

On the other hand, there are some who walk into AI's auditions ALREADY SO ASSURED that they are somebody that no amount of "Simonizing" can bring them back to reality. In their eyes, they "ARE the next American Idol"--the rest of the world just doesn't know enough to appreciate their "contribution" quite yet.

Anyway, that example nicely encapsulates my question: how "secure" is too secure?


maybe a better way to put my question is:

In what ways can security be warped, or expressed in an ugly way?


One ugly way is narcissism - an over-valuation of self that defies logic. We all know self-absorbed people who are living out their dreams of entitlement. This is a given in New Age spirituality, in which all adherents are gods or goddesses.
Others lay exaggerated claims to "independence," as if they raised their own food, sewed their own clothing, walked to every destination, educated themselves, and created their own families and friends. My 93-year-old mother-in-law will rail at me for offering to fill her coffee cup - she wants to "stay" independent. Yet, she has neither earned a living or driven a car. You figure it out.

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