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March 19, 2008



Yes, they would vote with their feet, either by walking out the door with them or kicking you out the door. Either way, with respect to Obama, it’s too late to distance himself from 20 years of history with this false teacher. And any thinking person should be able see through his latest attempts to do so.

Alex Marshall

I think there might be a little bit of a false analogy here. I think if you were consciously teaching what was false, Jim, then we would be obligated to act by leaving or forcing you to leave. But I don't think Rev. Wright is consciously teaching what is false (though what he's saying may very well be false). Further, I think we are making a hasty judgment going off of small clips or sound-bites to assess his character. All we've heard are some distorted political views he has espoused, I still don't know very much about his theology or character as an individual and a leader in his church.

Here might be a better analogy:

I don't necessarily agree with all of Jim's economic views. For instance, I think that a currency tied to something of intrinsic value has some inherent problems that fiat currency gets around. But what I disagree with in economic terms doesn't necessarily make for a disagreement in other areas, though I'm sure we could find some theological differences as well (if you can't find anything you disagree with someone on, I think its safe to say they have brain-washed you). So lets say some sound-bites come out that show Jim making a statement about his economic views and some leading economists give it a lot of flack. I don't think that would necessarily cause me to distance myself from Jim as my pastor. I may feel he is wrong, but not consciously so, he finds those views most convincing for a number of good reasons. And, on things that I think are more important to our relationship, I agree with him far more often. So I don't see this disagreement as need to cut myself off from him.

I think that makes for a far more similar situation to what is going on with Obama and Rev. Wright.


Your last sentence is crucial. Anyone whose spiritual education is condensed into one teacher/one hour will likely exhibit stunted spiritual growth.
Rev. Wright clearly stepped over the line regarding statements of personal political preference in order to retain tax-exempt status. As an attorney, Obama should have advised him on that issue.
If my pastor were abusing the word of the law, I might be inclined to question his take on the Word of the Lord.


I wonder what Oprah thinks!


OK, Bo, I'll bite. Your comments have apparently been a conversation stopper, and I'd like to get it going again.
What does Oprah have to do with any of this?
How would I know what she thinks?
Why should I care?


What I got out of it: he was being sarcastic because Oprah is campaigning for Obama and, as we all know, all women do what Oprah wants. She's like the Pied Piper of Estrogen.

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