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March 31, 2008



Grasshopper??? That is just one of the references I do not understand. I do not yet have a grip on all this, so I eagerly await more commentary. In the meantime, I have a question. In the last line above, does "...bring to an end by the appearance of His coming," does "by" refer to method or time?


Grasshopper=Kung Fu reference, right?

The way these read, it seems like the coming of the Lord is referring to a process or progression, where the day of the Lord is an event. Am I off base?

Jim Fleming

Yes, "Grasshopper" is a term from the old Kung-Fu TV series. It was the name given to a student by his teacher when it was time to learn a lesson.

The word "by" in the English translation is supplied as a way to render the "instrumental case" of the term, "the appearing." Hence, Jesus' appearance is presented as the means by which the lawless one will be brought to an end.

Actually, Jeff, you have them reversed. I suggest this in "clue 4" above - but there is some additional material coming that will help to make this more clear. I appreciate you trying to "sort out the clues."


Oh, OK, I get it now. The day of the Lord confuses me, though. And maybe it's because when you said that they are not necessarily the same, I automatically started working on them as though they were irrelevant to each other. But...the day of the Lord is the progression? Or does one lead into another (coming--> day)? Or am I just overthinking it?

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