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April 03, 2008



You have hit on at least two big issues here. The normal desire for affirmation can grow into an insatiable need for attention. People with this addiction will do whatever it takes to keep the spotlight - hence the incarcerations and hospitalizations of so many celebrities.

The other issue is the arrogance of independence, which has been mentioned before on this site. What is really weird is that Ms Hilton's parents probably believe that they, too, created their empire on their own.

Personal independence is a myth that is celebrated and overrated in this country. While we never want to ask others to do for us what we are able to do for ourselves, we have limits we must recognize. In those cases, we appreciate help and allow God to bless those who help us with a happy heart. The unhealthy desire for total independence is one reason for broken relationships, family splits, and ill health, both mental and physical.

People that are strongly motivated by these desires for personal attention and personal independence often find themselves surrounded by parasites, who feed on them until they die. Not a pretty picture. Not a good role model.


Yeah...wasn't she arrested for multiple DUI's within the last year or so? I remember all the radio spots making fun of her time in jail.

I think this article just goes to show that pop culture equates the pinnacle of feminine mystique with being a fun, fashionable "party girl."

And, it's not like I don't understand why 12 year old girls naturally gravitate toward wanting to be more like Paris Hilton than, say, Margaret Thatcher.

But, definitely, the woman of stature seems more and more rare.

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