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April 15, 2008



It's amazing that so many sheep are in "critique mode" when it comes to their pastors. Many times sheep are using all the wrong criteria to evaluate God's servants. Many ask, is my pastor charismatic, my friend, a great counselor, a dynamic communicator, have a "with-it" appearance, a good story teller; is he available to me 24/7, likeable, etc.... In essence, often the flock expects one man to have all that Jesus Himself has. That is an unrealistic expectation. No one man has it all. Only Jesus has it all. Now wonder good men are leaving the ministry every day.

In a time when truth is so difficult to come by, you would think that sheep would be interested in faithful, holy men who teach God's truth clearly and whose lives reflect seasoned obedience and authenticity. I, for one, am so grateful that God has provided me with such a shepherd, one who is interested in hearing God's voice, obeying His leading, and leaving clear footprints for me to follow.




Dear Pastor Jim,
I downloaded the notes on shepherdology. These notes really need to be put in book form! What great material! I have never seen such a thorough, well-written, practical set of notes on this topic. Does your church actually practice what's in the notes? If so,I'm truly inspired. May God's blessings be heaped upon you!


I'm struggling with this right now, more because of what I'm anticipating as preparation than because of what is already in place.


Yes, Lily, there really IS a Pastor Jim who leads us as a true shepherd. We are blessed with confidence in his teaching and in his example. We pray for him and his family daily, because we know this is not an easy task.
In the past, I thought shepherding was a matter of economics - you take care of your flock because you want the wool and the meat. During that dark time, I did not understand the 23rd Psalm. Now I do.

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