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May 07, 2008



Sometimes the expression "Life is not fair - get over it" is used to excuse injustice. We might want to differentiate between controllable and uncontrollable aspects of life. Weather, our genetic history, and world economy are indeed "unfair," and they are out of our sphere of influence. However, unequal pay for equal work CAN be fair and we should not just "get over it" - we should work toward justice.

Jim Fleming

As always, you are the harbinger of balance. By the way, did you mean to say "CAN be fair" in your last sentence. It makes more sense to me if it reads "CAN be unfair."


You are right. I was thinking "CAN" be MADE fair. This unequal-pay type of unfairness was on the lips of a lot of employees at the university where I worked. Those who held the advantage, for whatever reason, would give the "Life isn't fair" speech ad nauseum.

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