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May 06, 2008



This isn't intended to get into prophecy again, but just some speculation on my part and wanted to see if my speculation makes sense. It seems to me that, from a worldly standpoint, the only way to get around this is to consolidate currency and assets around the globe. If the balance point (in admittedly simplistic terms) for assets and currency is zero and countries are skewing to the negative in the spectrum, then there are countries that are skewing to the positive to keep that world balance at zero. So to consolidate (be it currency or government) would be to achieve that balance world-wide. Or, to paraphrase "Firefly," so the world can be messed with equally. Is that reasonable as far as it goes?

I'm not saying it's a positive, just that it seems the most likely way to correct the situation.

Jim Fleming

This is not about restoring some "balance point." All major currencies are fiat whose supply is being increased by liberal use of the printing press (and credit). At some point, it will dawn on the common man that these pieces of paper (and their electronic equivalents) have rapidly diminishing perceived value. As the velocity of this erosion of value increases, it makes holding such a piece paper (in your hand or in a bank, makes no difference) VERY costly. Then things will start to get messy.

In the waning days of the Weimar republic (when currency devaluation was at an extreme), factory workers were paid several times during the work day, so that they could immediately make purchases of goods and services. Waiting a day to get rid of your marks meant they would only purchase a fraction of what they could the day before.

The increase in the cost of living is simply another way to describe the diminishing purchasing power of fiat currency.


Okay, Little Red Hen, I believe you! Now what do we do?

Mark Herpel

This is a great post and easy to understand. We've been buying gold and some silver for a few years now to protect against adverse moves in the USD and it has worked very well. In other words, the USD cash balance in the bank is next to nothing (including saving) and the gold bullion balance is very high right now. Digital gold like GoldMoney has been a very inexpensive and easy way to protect our funds.
It's always good to have the truth about the world around you.


Why is gold so bulletproof when it comes to all this? That's one thing I don't understand. Gold doesn't do anything like provide a good or a service and if we get to the point where we're just doing our best to get that good or service, won't gold be essentially worthless? Kind of like the tulip market way back in Holland, once the perceived value goes away, tulips were worth nothing.


Actually, there's a lot I don't understand about this, but that's one question...

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