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July 07, 2008


Alex Marshall

Its interesting to me that you described faith as a privilege, not an obligation (I agree, by the way). That's the exact same line of reasoning that Roman Catholics use to defend their view of the sacraments- that is is a privilege God has granted us to fulfill the sacraments and be saved. Not really going anywhere with that, I just thought the parallel was interesting.

For me, the challenge of "faith" is trying to understand what faith is. Growing up in the church culture of the south, it seems that viewing faith as "belief" in God/Jesus work of salvation without anything beyond belief is too superficial (though too often it seems the norm) and yet as Protestants we don't want to add "works" to salvation. Somewhere in between those seems to be what we mean by faith, but it seems hard to define exactly what that looks like.


When I studied biology, I learned that living organisms are formed when environmental influences flip genetic "switches" that unleash specific potentials for growth.
For me, faith is the "switch" that allows human spiritual potential to come alive - to blossom and produce fruit, or "works."

Alex Marshall

MS, I think that is a very insightful way of looking at faith and works. Excellent analogy!

Walter Moore

Although I'm sure its not unique, I've defined the difference between belief and faith is that one is a thought that might be true, and the other is a thought that has sufficient conviction to cause you to act upon it.

Example: Let's say you have a 50 year old car that you believe can make the drive from Memphis to New York City. This is a thought, a belief. But if you have faith in the car, you will put that belief into action by actually getting in the car and driving it from Memphis to NYC.

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