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September 27, 2008


Dave B.

There is two things that strikes me about getting a Hit on the website. One is good, the other is not so good. The good part is that it still amazes me on how we can spread the "Word" thousands of miles away without even leaving home. There is just so much on the Internet that people can go to for resources. The "Not" so good is how some other Countries do not allow freedom of religion. Even though we are in a Country that allows freedom of religion, Christians are under attack not only by Satan, but also by the Atheist that are trying to remove anything about God out of the public's eyes. From the schools, government, court houses, etc. The United States, even though we have the freedom today, does not assure us that we will have the freedom tomorrow.


Despite communists censorship, there are quite a few ways that, apparently, the web-savvy Chinese citizen can find what their government excludes from normal web searches: I was reading a Digg article about a search for Tiananmen Square, which could generate the "forbidden" (protest related information) results along with the "sanctioned" (tourist type photos etc.) material. Apparently, only minor changes in the search parameters would beat the info locks. Anyway, I think the censors have to know what they're trying to keep out of search results, and they likely face and ever-expanding battle. It will be very interesting to see if light-work continues to be a blip in that sector of the world.

Dave B.

Austin, you bring up some very interesting points that to be honest, I never thought about. I do agree with what you are saying. A Non-Christian wouldn't know all of the terminology of a Christian. I pray that light-work and similar sites as well, spread like wild fires not only in our Country, but also all over the world, whether censored or not.

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