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September 29, 2008


Dave B.

Now you have answered my own question that I was asking myself at Church on Sunday of who road the cool looking scooter. I am hoping we will have cars in the next year or two that will get 60-65MPG or more. I didn't like getting wet on my motorcycle either when it rained.


Well my two wheel machine is not called Majesty but I too get the same chuckle, it is a glorious thing to fill the tank for a fraction of what the guy next to you is.
Example: Just last week on the way to work I had to stop for gas. I waited in line and gave the attendant a $20 bill and said I wanted $10 on pump 7. He looked perplexed but gave me my change and I was off to fill my tank. He looked even more perplexed when I came back about 3 minutes later and asked for my change back. As he looked at me confused the conversation went something like this:
Attendant: You only gave me $10
Me: Yup It only took $8.50 to fill up
Attendant: You filled up before you got here huh!
Me: Nope, I was on empty!
Attendant: No way, that's not possible..
Me: slight chuckle....see you in 150 miles

On average I save about $34.19 a week by just riding my motorcycle to and from work. That is $136 a month or $1,641 a year (provided that I could ride all 52 weeks) the bike pays for itself by the end of the 2nd year.


All scooters are good and made even better with a few choice accessories. A passenger backrest and rear luggage case are oh so handy once you get confident and want to take passengers along. Most of all, enjoy!

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