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September 26, 2008



I don't know whether this is the best place to raise this issue, but I don't see how to ask a question unless it is connected to a "Recent post."

I am perplexed as to why the popular press slams Sarah Palin for her Christian faith, yet ignores the fact that Barack Obama claims to share that faith. Do they see her as an extremist and him as lax? Do they consider him a hypocrite, or just better at separating church from state? Do they see him as having "peewee" (ineffective) faith and her as exhibiting "remarkable" (powerful) faith? The silence hurts my ears.

Jim Fleming

Great question. What do you think, L-W people? Why is Obama getting a pass when Sarah's feeling the heat?


Randy Alcorn called it, I think, the "conspiracy of shared values." Basically, because Obama shares the values of the media (generally), they are going to be more lenient on him than they would on someone with whom they do not share the same values, in this case Palin. And it works both ways, too. If you listen to WREC or watch Fox News, both of which are more conservatively-inclined, you hear much more criticism of Obama than you will Palin. This has more to do with general stances than it does faith, but there's merit to it.
Also, the media-at-large buys into the, "that may be what you believe, but this is what I believe, so they're of equal standing" lie. Truth doesn't matter...perception does. And since they've eliminated the idea that faith brings you to the truth, they've also eliminated faith as being a factor in that perception....unless they don't like the perception a person enacting their faith gives them, as is the case of Palin.
Woah....sorry for the last run-on.

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