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October 23, 2008



What an insight into Pilate's response to Jesus. I never thought of that before.

Although, if Pilate was shaken enough to be searching for a way not to abuse his authority, perhaps that in itself is a sign of a germinating faith? Lots of folks never even get to believing what Jesus says--Pilate at least seems to take Him very seriously.


God eventually dealt with Hitler too, but it took a World War to do so!

rev. george moore

Redistribution of wealth??? You think that the three hundred fifty million pcketted by mitt romney is JUST? He put thousands out of work and sold therir tools for his money, BECAUSE THEY WERE INEFFICIENT; In the worship of money one of the idoliosed saints is called 'inefficiency'. So mwhat if they were iefficient they had work they supported their families they had meaning to life and it was taken from them to enrich one mn. But as you are part of this money-worship cult you approve because wealth is a sign that god loves you. Did you ever read Job or have you twisted that around also to suit your justifications?


I'm curious if you read the post before loosing your barrage of verbage-diarrhea on the rest of us "money cultists." I'm also curious if you know how to spell.


easy big fella. Smoke peace pipe first.


Here's a hilarious link to Glenn Beck. You WILL laugh--or else!



With respect to rom 13:1, if followed literally as suggested, does this mean that no believer should have supported the French and American revelotions?


Well, you can answer the easy question first.

The French Revolution was a nothing but paroxysm of humanist stupidity anyway, a bloody tantrum-prelude to a stampede back to dictatorship under Napoleon. I'm willing to bet that if an exception to the "submit to your leaders" rule exists, it's contours do not spread so far as to protect the Terror's descent into terrorism and murder. So, no believer should have supported the French Revolution anyway.

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