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October 28, 2008



Ouch, ouch, OUCH!! OK, I give!!


"To be sure, we submit to the laws and leaders of the land because it is God's will. . . . when we do . . . lost people observe the kind of behavior which makes God look good . . . ."

Is it always God's will we submit? What about Dietrich Bonhoeffer? Does submission to our earthly governors always make God look good? What about the two prophets whose deaths the world will celebrate?

It seems as though the tail end of 1 Pet. 2:12-15 puts a caveat on submission.

Jim Fleming

Yes, there is an exception to what I have said. There is a time to disobey the laws of men. That time is not always easily discerned but it is very real. When we face a clear choice between serving two masters, a choice to either obey God or the government, God gets our obedience.

For example, if a health care plan for Americans is established by Congress and signed into law by the President which requires medical personnel to assist with abortions, allegiance to God would trump submission to government. Doctors and nurses should refuse to assist / perform the procedure and be prepared to incur consequences, although these consequences are a cause for celebration. They are trail markers on the way of the cross.


Yep, healthcare is a good example Jim. Another one is if you are a pharmacist and refuse to fill contraceptive prescriptions because doing so violates your religious beliefs. Just this week there was a story about some pharmacists in Virginia getting grief for refusing.
http://ap.google.com/article/ALeqM5iFLoWwSaVUeLMHe8mPIPm-DymIMAD93V56MO0. Apparently, some states have made it a law. Just how the morning after pill factors in, I don’t know. Or what if you lived in China today? There you can be fined for breaking the one-child policy. Of course, the potential for non-healthcare examples also exist. Let’s say you are part of the clergy and live where you could be civilly liable for refusing to perform a homosexual marriage? I’m sure there are many other examples. In fact, even Jesus and many of His early disciples were considered troublemakers and guilty of treason under Roman rule.


Try this reference from last post.


Heads-up on voting (and until this post, I was planning on not voting, so forgive me if this is common knowledge).

I went to do Early Voting and got through the line. I was not given the option to vote for the local stuff (Mayor, Alderman, etc.). And instead of walking away and messing up the confidentiality of the vote, I submitted the ballot before I went to ask for help. I was told that because I submitted the ballot, there's nothing I can do. So, if you do go vote, don't hit cast the ballot on the computer till you're absolutely sure you've voted for everything you're eligible to.

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