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October 02, 2008



The whole world is groaning - and I am no exception. Come, Lord Jesus. But first, let me see my son come to you. Let me hear his wife praise your name. And please let me finish my work with Mike and Ursula and Geoffrey and Julia and Mark. Just ignore my groaning until they acknowledge you as Savior.


You think exhaustion is really the word for the third point? I'm just having trouble reconciling that concept with the idea that "you shall run and not grow weary."

I mean, I certainly won't argue that the Christian walk is described as a race, a "body-buffeting" experience. When prosecuted with ardor and abandon, I can't think of a more demanding lifestyle. Certainly the fatigue is extreme. Paul certainly experienced a litany of truly brutal experiences--of things that would take me well past what I think are my limits.

But, does living for Christ really lead, ultimately, to "exhaustion?" Maybe in the here and now...but I have a hard time reconciling that idea with belief in a God of rest.

James Fleming


Yes, I think "exhaustion" is a pretty good word, although I am open to suggestions. Perhaps I didn't make this clear, but it should be: All three "cost" factors are temporal. They will not attend life in eternity, which is Paul's point in Rom. 8:18. While we experience exhaustion (or internal struggles or persecution) HERE AND NOW and for the cause of Christ, this cost is unworthy to be compared with the benefits to be enjoyed in eternity. WE WILL experience true rest someday that will make EARTHLY ardor and exhaustion more than worth it.

This faith statement frames the choice that all men face. I have made my choice - make the most of my time NOW for Jesus - enjoy true rest in eternity. Others choose to take their rest now, to live for their own amusement and pleasure - there is no rest in their future.

I should probably add one more clarification. Jesus does seem to offer to us a "rest" that isn't JUST eternal. It seems to be a quality of life that has its point of origin in the here and now and extends into eternity - Matt. 11:28-30. I take it that living for Jesus can produce "rest for your soul" here and now, even though we can also be fatigued in His service. Perhaps it is something akin to the exhaustion I have felt after a major concrete pour - I am at peace but totally spent.

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