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November 25, 2008



Quite remarkable that I did the very same calculation last night, and furthermore, draw the same conclusions. All this talk of "change" is nothing - I repeat, Nothing - but political rhetoric. It appears to me that our government is doing nothing more than pouring gasoline on a burning building. Since when did additional debt become the remedy for too much debt? De Tocqueville was right; we're getting the government we deserve!


Ok, I have no financial background or anything, but wouldn't it be better if they just gave that $24,000 to each individual? The Corporations just are going to turn around and waste it. Giving the people the money would, in my opinion, still benefit the Companies in trouble. Think about it, Americans love to spend and wast money. GM would come out ahead because the BIG SUV's would start selling again. The people in Foreclosure could pay off the back money they owe and have plenty for the months ahead. The people who lost their jobs could pay their bills. Even the people who aren't affected by the economical mess, would go out and spend once again, which in turn, would also bring jobs back and keep some of the ones we have. Think about it, instead of the Government bailing companies out that made bad decisions most of the time over greed, the people would decide by spending, who would stay in business or not. Besides, the Government isn't going to do much to see that it doesn't happen again. It is still a free handout for the most part.

I am still growing in my spiritual walk and I have to admit, the financial turmoil does make me nervous at times. One very positive thing out of all of this is that I come across so many people that I can share the Word with. Everybody wants to talk about the economy these days. So right off the bat, you have something in common, that you can strike a conversation up and lead right into the Gospel.

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