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January 09, 2009



Isn't God good. No matter how big or small our sins are, he forgives us with open arms. Their are types of jobs that people work in and make good money at, however, they are living a Sinful life. That Sin just eats at them a little at time to the point where they often turn to drugs and/or alcohol addiction. Just think of all the people who could be saved from all this pain by just turning to God, confessing their sins and asking for his help. He is always there just waiting for you to ask for help.

Alex Marshall

I think sometimes we forget that forgiveness and repentance are not ends in themselves but means to an ends. In the Old Testament covenants, the relationship between God and Israel is conditioned by their obedience- when they are obedient, God promises to be faithful to his promise to protect them in the land, when they are not God promises wrath and exile (which they eventually get). So when Old Testament writers call for Israel to repent and have their sins forgiven they see this as a condition to ensure that Israel is faithful to the covenant and continues to receive God's blessing. Peter probably had a similar concept in mind. In other words, to Peter forgiveness wasn't the end result, it was a prerequisite for something else. Yet very frequently in churches today we hear forgiveness proclaimed as "the gospel." In other words, we equate Christ's work with forgiveness of sins when it seems in the minds of the Biblical writers that was only step one in Christ's work.

Alex Marshall

Realized after I posted that comment that I might need to clarify something. This is not intended as a criticism of Jim or anything he has said or written. Its just something that has been on my mind a lot lately that seemed connected to what this topic was about.

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