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April 14, 2009



No need to post this one, just wanted to point out a couple technical things. The video cut off the "Last" at the beginning of the text. And it's Heath Ledger.

Jim Fleming

Thanks, Jeff.


Um….seems like a hefty bounty to take out the little weasel would go a long ways toward solving the problem.


I'm coming back to re-read this after the first two Gog and Magog blogs, so I acknowledge my perception has been changed with those a little...
It's funny how this season of Lost kind of relates to prophecy. In it, a bunch of characters have been travelling in time but stuck at the same location. So, naturally, they think they might be able to change things in the past that affect the future. But one of the characters introduced the futility in that, saying, "Whatever happened...happened."
And so I look at the world situation and I look at the Bible and I think, "Well, to God, whatever happened...happened. And we know are given a guide as to what is going to happen. AND things are starting to seem like they're lining up. So if this is prophecy in action, nothing we can do will prevent what happens from happening."
I really struggle with nihilism when confronted with something like this. But I think it's OK because what Ahmad does doesn't affect my job...share the gospel wherever and whenever possible.
I really hope he's part of prophecy because then it can be fulfilled and we can be that much closer to being home and God will be clearly Lord.


Glen Beck stated he was a Christian during this interview. For the record, Glen Beck ain't no Christian! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=USpeolBTKIo
No glory, honor, or praise for "god."

Who is most shady here?



Does Glenn's spirituality diminish the strength of the interview, or in any way detract from the cogency of his points?

If you are implying that just because he happens to be a Mormon he can't make a valid observation or contribution to political discourse, then my response to you is, "Thanks for making a point that is 1) off-topic 2) pointless 3) incorrect and 4) vindictive."

Unless you're praying for him or trying to witness to him personally, keep your appraisal of his spirituality to yourself.

As if any of us need someone else around to make sure all of our spiritual dirty laundry gets aired out in public. As I recall, there is someone else whose name is accuser, who puts tremendous effort into making sure every member of humanity "gets what's coming to him." Only problem is, his name is Satan. You sure you're in good company with your comment? Or is your spirituality about picking the bones of others with the rest of the vultures?


AC (and others),
Please forgive me for making such a loose comment. Please allow me to smoke the peace pipe first.
I believe Glen Beck is a very smart man with pin-point accuracy in most cases. I would say my political views are close to Mr. Beck’s. However, it sends shivers up my spine to hear him refer to himself as a Christian while all the while misleading (God knows how many) people by claiming that label. Just today I spoke to a co-worker who made a comment about Mr. Beck being a Christian. As she finished her comment I informed her of his religious affiliation and she said, “I sent his book to several of my family members in hope that it would help my witness. I didn’t even read the book, I just assumed.”
I once held a job that allowed me to listen to Mr. Beck every day. I remember thinking to myself, ‘I can’t believe this guy is actually saying that he prays to Jesus on national secular radio.’ At home, at night, it never occurred to me check on Mr. Beck’s theology. One day, a friend told me of Mr. Beck’s religious affiliation and I was shocked. I soon learned what Mormon theology is all about. It helped me understand where he is coming from when stating his political views. Understanding ones theology does help us to understand ones worldview. Furthermore, it is important to me to know who is on my “team” as to not dishonor God in my affiliations or endorsements.
My intention was to make known the fact that Glen Beck identifies himself with the Mormon organization (not church) for the benefit of those who believe him to be a bonafide Christian.
Thank you for bringing to my attention the multiple implications my comment had. Will you please forgive me,AC, for making an ambiguous comment?



at first I had a fiery response to your last post. I've thought better of it. I forgive you for being ambiguous. But, your response makes it clear the issue is deeper than that.

Let me preface the rest of this comment: clarity and grace can be difficult to combine. I've attempted to do so, but no doubt fallen short of those benchmarks somewhere in what follows. Please forgive any portion of the following that would, but for my inability, successfully wed the two.

My problem is this: who, exactly, needed rescuing from the clutches of Mormonism on the basis of ANY of what was included in the post?

Your comment was a unilateral overture of paternalism and betrayed a cynical view of your fellow light-work readers. You made it clear you don't think we're capable of parsing things ourselves. You know best. In fact, you know "best" so well you don't need an invitation to step in and enlighten the rest of us.

James Fleming

I was grateful for the links in your first comment (both interesting, the second one somewhat disturbing) and appreciate your humility in the second. I, too, have identified with many of Glenn Beck's political views and his concerns for the future of our country. However, I am unsure what to make of his self-claim to be a Christian. He makes such a claim while elsewhere identifying himself with the Mormon "church" which teaches that heaven is realized by a life of good works. Salvation by works is the antithesis of the Christian Gospel. Clearly there is a contradiction here that raises questions about what Glenn Beck understands of the mechanics of salvation.

Although some may have heard a tone of paternalism in your comments, I did not. I simply received your comment as an observation that wasn't directed to the point of this post as much as a reaction to a provocative, if not confusing, statement made by Mr. Beck in the associated video clip.

On balance, I think it is important to be careful about making pronouncements about the salvation of another. I am not suggesting we go all mushy about clearly articulating the gospel. I am talking about recognizing our limits.

"The Lord knows those who are His" - I don't. Yes, there is a glaring conflict between Glenn Beck's claim to be both a Christian and a Mormon. He cannot be both. But for me to declare I know which of the two claims is accurate and which is false could easily sound like I have assigned to myself a level of knowledge that is most definitely "above my pay grade."


It's always been my experience that Mormons consider themselves Christians...just a little more "in the know" as far as God is concerned. Every time I've been witnessed to, the message I get from them is essentially, "You're already down the road...now here's the other stuff you need to do to get to the Third Heaven."
That's where the division lies, I know. Where I know that there's nothing I could do to be forgiven or shown the grace that I have been shown, they look at it as I still have to do more to get there.
I'm just stating that to say that where we see the difference, he may not. To him, Mormonism is just another denomination under the Christian umbrella.

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