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August 17, 2009



Well, perhaps the most obvious response is to 1) prepare for an inevitable uptick in religious persecution if you're living in Europe, and 2) consider the probable effects of this cultural shift in global politics if you live elsewhere.

While direct persecution probably wouldn't increase in the U.S. based upon these trends alone, there still might be indirect consequences for the last vestiges of western thought. For example, what are the implications for a global war on terror at such time as no "European" allies remain? (I'm not endorsing or attacking a war on terror, but merely using it as an example to illustrate how balance-of-power shifts would have spill-over effects on nations whose compositions had not suffered Europe's cultural fate.) Perhaps an even more alarming thought is: when Muslims run Europe, what happens when they, through political ascendancy, gain access to Europe's nuclear arsenal?

Alex Marshall
Alex Marshall

Another article I just read that seems to have a slightly different take on the "changing demographics" of Europe (particularly the UK in this case):


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