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September 15, 2009



Actually, the President didn't just tell one lie in that speech, he told many. And that is because HE IS A LIAR. Joe Wilson's declaration stopped short of the full truth.

The President constantly twists and contorts the literal meanings of words to make his lies true "enough." The list is so long that I don't want to bother cataloging all of his deceptions.

However, on this particular issue, his NEXT public remarks on immigrants and health-care quintessentially reveals his penchant for the "policy pirouette." He never means what his words suggest he does.


More to the point: someone who purports to embrace telling the truth cannot extending "civility" to a liar of this order of magnitude without betraying their own insincerity.

If Joe Wilson loves the truth, if any citizen does, that love demands an uncivil rebuke of the snake slithering around the White House these days.


Here's another article bolstering my argument.



Of course he is a liar, but that's not a politically correct or acceptable description for such an eloquent and respectable speaker who only wants to make your life better, to help the poor and down-trodden, and to instill hope and change to the masses. Come on, get with the program man!

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