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October 06, 2009



I read today on CNN that the dollar is going to be unseated as the currency for trading oil.


America is in a tailspin folks. Israel is quickly becoming "Alone in the dark." Another factor why other countries (besides the U.S.) will not act:

Iran has the third largest oil reserves, and is the 2nd largest producer of oil. Does this give them power over other countries such as China, Russia, other EU nations as well as OPEC itself? You bet!

If you think the fellow in charge of Iran is not cuckoo, you better heed the message of the article I'm commenting on. Einstein was right to leave Germany when he did, but a lot of very smart people did not leave to their doom.

Israel cannot leave. It means they have only one option. That makes it not a question of "if" but "when" they must act to protect themselves as a people and as a country.

Never again!

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