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October 13, 2009


Bubba Matthews

I've not watched this particular video but the issues you raise are ones that given Darwinists concern. The lack of the appropriate fossil record has given rise to a belief called punctuated evolution which essentially says the fossil record is sketcky at times because sudden changes in climate/conditions/whatever were so drastic that evolution "jumped" to new species. This is, in my opinion, a sad state of science. In essence this is providing a post hoc explanation for data that do not fit the a priori assumptions. At best it is poor science, at worse it is dogma dressed up in a white lab coat.



I disagree! Punctuated equilibrium is THE soundest theory as to the universe's origins, so long as you limit the number of punctuations to no more than six: 1) Light 2) Sky 3) Dry Land, Vegetation & Sea 4) Heavenly Bodies 5) Fish & Birds 6) All manner of Fauna & Humans!

Playfully submitted,
the Devil's Advocate

Bubba Matthews


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