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February 25, 2010



Right on! Thank you! (typed with grace)


I love this post.

Aunt Sue

I think that people are just looking for a quick fix as with everything else in this fast-paced world. People do not want to take the time or effort to listen, read or understand the Bible. They just want someone to say "This is what you should believe." Then, they can go on with their life and think "well, that's out of the way." Maybe they think they will be able blame their lack of understanding on someone else without fear. I hear so many times, "I'm a good person." or "I believe in Jesus." However, they have no personal relationship with Him and their daily lives certainly show that they do not live with Christ in them.

I have loved learning from Pastor Jim. He has shown me that he knows just how much salt it takes!


Given what you said about two weeks ago during your series on revelation (that saltiness is connected to "L"aw-keeping) does this add a layer of guidance about the appropriate seasoning recipe for believers' speech?

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