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February 04, 2010



Great Truth and thanks...

kathy douglas

i might not be quite on the line of thought,but today there are so many opportunities to be negative,perhaps even hurtful by what we say. we often just explode without thinking about what we are saying or who it might hurt.while it is true, many times, people need to hear it, as the Bible says to season are sayings like salt.sometimes my husband has done or said something really hurtful towards me.I have to fight with myself as i want to return the hurt back to him.but i don't and at the time of pain i try to say or do something good for him.most people would say to him how they felt about the words, perhaps because i don't like to confront people, i find a more peaceful solution.having a self-sacrificing attitude as the Bible says we should, helps us overcome the evil with good.some people, like Jim, are quicker at thinking how to state a truth back to someone who has hurt them, i wish i could think that fast!

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