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June 17, 2010


Gail Duron

Alex and I will be praying for your family as you prayed for us. I pray that, as with Isaac, you will see the deliverance of your son who will go on to fulfill his purpose and glorify God. I pray that as you walk this journey you will receive peace and strength beyond measure. May you sense the presence of The Comforter each step of the way.

kathy douglas

jim and i are praying for your family.my heart is saddened by your trouble, i know, our God will comfort and strengthen you in ways you've never felt before! while i can't imagine the depth of suffering, only how i would feel if it were my son. i know you will get through this as i did with several persons including my father who had to battle cancer. you will find the strength to be there for austin and this seemingly unbearable challenge will make your faith stronger.i'm with you in what ever way i can be, but prayers just don't seem enough sometimes to support those in need.God has the answers, we will all trust him completely! kathy


I have been experiencing some of the same you have! NO, not cancer but just the ability and willingness to release our son into HIS hands...anytime, any age it is not easy. But you have truly hit the nail on the head; if we can grasp slightly how God sent His only Son for me(us), how then can I not allow my son to go on the path God has for him? HIS lovingkindness is sometimes overwhelming that I just have to sit in awe of WHO HE is! love to all!


This is a beautiful post Jim. This is a hard road you are walking transparently before us and the Lord. Thank you for continuing to choose to live in obedience and authenticity. We are praying for Austin daily and for your entire household. We love you and are thankful to be in the trenches with you.
Grace, Dennis and the gemmseze

Mindy W

You said it perfectly!

Ed and Christe

The storms arrive, the rain falls, but the sun (Son) always shines. You and your family are lights that honor and glorify our Lord. "He who dwells in the shelter of the Most High will rest in the shadow of the Almighty." Ps 91:1 Our love and prayers continue, Ed & Christe

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