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October 05, 2010



Help me if this doesn't make sense...

People were attracted to building the Tower of Babel. Whatever the reason they had, enough people were attracted to the idea of building a tower that, to them, put Man and God on the same level, even putting Man above God. It seems reasonable to me that people would be attracted to that idea and the representation of that idea and would help build up that representation.

As it is, we've got people who will live their lives in response to something that sparks their emotions and imagination. We don't need to look past Elvis Week to see that around here.

So basically, add to that a society that has the financial ability to support that imagination and I could see people becoming attracted to the central location that symbolizes rebellion against God in droves to try to make themselves equal to or greater than God.

I may not be correct, but if memory serves, Babylon isn't mentioned till the end of the book. Sure, it means that the city isn't a factor till the end, but could it also mean that the city was not built up to the prominence it will have at the end? We know that there's at least a 3 1/2 year timetable before the end, and I know that they would be building through (and in spite of) the seals being broken. But if they'd be anything like I am, when I'm in rebel against God mode, it doesn't matter how much pain I'm in, all I want to do is keep doing whatever would go against God, as often and as quickly as possible. Given enough people and enough rebellion, I can see a city becoming splendorous within a pretty short amount of time. I know it's speculation so I wouldn't die on this hill, but it seems reasonable to me.

This does actually bring up another question: we discussed on Sunday that we are wealthy in relation to the world. In light of that, what wouldn't Memphis (for instance) look grand and impressive to the world as well? And how much more so to John? So when talking about how great Babylon is, are we to put our perceptions on what grand and impressive is? Or do we need to put our minds into a different mode, thinking in terms from other areas of the world or in terms of first generation Christians, to define "grand" and "impressive"? I ask because if it's the latter, I'd think that the bar would be lowered for what grand and impressive is.


As to your first point, right on! As noted in The Babylon Code, Part 2, the philosophy that animates Babylon is with us NOW, even though the city has not yet been built. It definitely seems reasonable that Babylon will be built on the foundation of this pre-existent philosophy. On balance, the establishment of Babylon will take this philosophy to a whole new level. Think of it as "The Babylon Code, Extreme Edition."

As to your second point, I suspect that whatever John was looking at when seeing Babylon, it was something that all men would be impressed by no matter when and where they lived. I have been to the Acropolis in Athens - it is very impressive. It was so for the people of ancient Greece - it is so for we moderns. Future Babylon will have this kind of effect - for those who have not been washed in Lamb's blood, they will be in awe of what they see in the city. Modern man will be VERY impressed.


There is another website that will help in explaining what and where Babylon is. Below is the introductory overview of the site. If it's okay, I'll give the link at the end. There's too much detail to show it here.


The two main articles of this site are “The Final Empire” and “Understanding the Revelation” The Final Empire details the prophecies of Daniel concerning all of the empires that would come into power from the time of the Empire of Babylon to the final empire that would rise up in the end time. It is important to realize that what Daniel was being told is that these empires are all of the empires that would ever be before Christ returns for the second time. This article then identifies these empires and correlates them with the book of Revelation. The second article, “Understanding the Revelation”, refers back to the information revealed in this article, so it is important to read it first in order to follow what is being said.
The second article, “Understanding the Revelation”, with historical references, shows the timeline, that is, the year of the beginning of the events in Revelation and when it was first given to John by Christ on the Isle of Patmos. It also explains how the Revelation itself is broken down into three different sections with viewpoints each of which shows a different perspective and adds details which the other two viewpoints lack for completeness and clarity. When the points of each view are correlated with the other two, the order of the events become more clear. This does not mean, however, that all of the events themselves are completely understood. There are some things in Revelation that are to be taken literally while some are symbolic in nature. But when the order of the events in question and the time when these events will begin to occur are made clear, then understanding the rest becomes much simpler.
The first of the three viewpoints given covers from chapter 6 through chapter 11, the second is from chapter 12 through chapter 16, and the third view is given from chapter 17 through chapter 19. The central point around which these three views revolves is the return of the Messiah. In the first view Christ makes his appearance at the end of chapter 6, in the 6th seal after the apocalyptic four horsemen. In the second view, Christ appears in chapter 14 after the dreaded beast of chapter 13 and the mark of the beast are given, and in the last view Christ appears in chapter 19 after the angel’s descriptive explanation of the beast is given in chapters 17 & 18. All three views are followed with the punishment of the beast and those who have taken part in his system.

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