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October 07, 2010


Mindy Wroten

Hey Jim,
This is a post I did a couple days ago but it bounced back on email. Enjoyed your latest blog and have just went through Sunday's PPT. I still need to sit down and listen to the Mp3. The scripture seems pretty clear on location, location, location. My question is, could some of the government and economic infrastructure going on today be pacr of mind set preparations to usher in Babylon; like watching a weather system develop?
As Jeff R mentioned in his post, fallen man surely has a bent towards Babylonian ideology. With the EU so keen on "one size fits all", they could surely jump right on board with a one great religious/economic center. Of course, the Euro system is spread out into 3 major locations in Europe: Brussels, Luxembourg, and Strasbourg at present. Perhaps the model being set up in Europe right now would facilitate moving headquarters to Iraq when the time is appointed. The Islamic shrine still sits atop Mt. Moria and won't that also have to change stage sets? Your proposals seem right on the money. Speaking of money, I thought you might enjoy some looks at EU coinage. I have included a link to the Greek EU commemorative coins.Just scroll down

Interesting symbolism if nothing else.




It is intriguing to imagine how the present could lead to the future. If it is correct that Babylon on the Euphrates is the future economic and religious center that comes to judgment in Revelation 17-18, then you have to wonder how the democratization of Irag contributes to this future. The seeming absence of the US as a named player in this future would suggest that we are reduced to a bit player by some current or future challenges. What might cause this? Economic / financial collapse, perhaps? The rise of China and then India to positions of economic dominance?

Yes, there are other missing puzzle pieces, the presence of a functional Jewish Temple in Jerusalem for one.

A Euro type system in which there is economic consolidation across national boundaries would seem to be a facet of the Babylon/Beast market participation (and exclusion) plan. But I doubt that the Euro will survive for very long - there are some major problems beneath the surface. Whatever Babylon and Beast come up with, it will have to transcend some of the flaws inherent in the Euro. By the way, I do not see the links you mentioned.

My bottom line remains that we may not be there yet, but we may not QUITE be there. I propose we get (and stay) ready.


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