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May 28, 2014


Douglas Tiffany

Nice post, Jim! Things can go horribly wrong when we try to help God with his own plan (think of Abraham and Ishmael). Patience is certainly the key. Love the reference to Adam being beside himself.

Trivia question: What was the name of the female in the Garden of Eden? (hint: she wasn't named until after the fall of man).


Would be interested in knowing how you define Adam's "alone" problem. Is it in some way related to Adam's mission from God? I hear many teach that God created Eve to solve Adam's loneliness. Was Adam's "alone" problem that he was lonely, or was it something else?


Thanks, Doug. Okay, I'll bite on your trivia question. She was called Ishah when Adam first met her and named haw-wah (Eve) in Genesis 3:20. But it sounds like you have a punch line coming?


Great question! You are correct in discerning some controversy over what constitutes Adam's "alone" problem. I think this deserves a full post or two. For now, I can say with reasonable confidence that Adam's chief problem was not loneliness!

Douglas Tiffany

Well, I have no doubt you have resources I can only dream of, but from what I can tell, Genesis 3:20 is after the fall of man when they have been exiled from Eden. Prior to that, all the translations I have seen simply call her "The Woman".

Makes for a great conversation starter.


You are correct. "Ishah" is Hebrew for woman. "Ish" is one of the words for man. So, in Genesis 2:23, Adam says, "She shall be called ishah (woman) because she was taken out of ish (man). It is not until Genesis 3:20 that she is named "haw-wah" which is the Hebrew term translated as "Eve" in English.


wonderful words encouraging our patience in God's good timing, thanks Jim!

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