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July 18, 2014



Great article! Training children in this manner is a tall order, and only by God's grace do we see this kind of transformation. I do wonder why we don't hear this message coming from the pulpits in our churches very much. It seems like young families desperately need this kind of training and encouragement.


I suspect that this message is not popular because it raises the difficulty level of parenting. Achieving external conformity, helping children memorize verses, and even training them to recite principles -- these are easier targets to hit than true heart change. In matters of the heart, we are ultimately and desperately dependent on God to work. God is the heart changer (Prov. 21:1). So when we set this as our parenting goal (and it IS the right goal), we are setting a goal that is beyond our reach. We are choosing to pursue an end that cannot be claimed unless God comes through and honors our faithfulness as parents. This requires a kind of faith and reliance on God that is rare. Maybe this current series will challenge more parents to join the ranks of these exceptional few. I have found that when God's people step out with this kind of desperate faith, it pleases God to extend His favor to parents and work in the hearts of their children.


Here's what I see: Austin is wearing one of his trademark capes, a tool belt, and a beagle nose. His hat is squared away and his look says, "let's talk truth." Definitely the flamboyant crusader for truth and legal beagle lawyer! Arian has her passy and banky - definitely into going cozy. Her nosepiece is adjusted to accommodate passy, so she likes a blend of fun and comfort. Notice how she is also working her elastic band to complement her hairstyle. Artistic! Then there's Alex. Ukelele held left-handed. Plus he is holding a wrench in his right. Definite signs of a guy bringing together music and technology. His nose covers his mouth - so he has no need to talk. A man of few words, to be sure! And of course there's the hat position and eyes that hint at the fun guy who makes you laugh with his subtle sense of humor.

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